I have a great range of gift ideas, seasonal and for any occasion available on my Etsy shop.

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Available in various shades of green glass with a little hanging hook soldered at the top and supplied with a hanging ribbon. With a very lightweight edging, it's perfect for the Christmas tree.
Available in white translucent glass with a little hanging hook soldered on the wing. A meaningful little gift for all year round and because it's edging is lightweight; it also looks beautiful on the Christmas tree.
A chunky 6-pointed star hanging, perfect for brightening up a room at any time of the year or buy early for Christmas!
Flamingos are still the must-have addition to everyone's house at the moment! These delicate little handmade hangings are available in various shades of pink glass (and one really quirky-bird in lime green!) And are the newest additions to my range of suncatchers.
Available in 9 colours with little attached hearts in contrasting glass. 2 little hooks are soldered at the top and coordinating hanging ribbons are supplied.
Pretty flower hangings made up of 4 little glass hearts, all attached together and surrounding a large glass glob which matches the petals. I have 4 colours available at the moment.
A perfect gift for the cat person in your life. They have little glass noses, fine fishing line whiskers and a painted face. A little hook is hidden behind the head so they can be hung up. Made in very dense glass so designed for hanging on a wall rather than a window.
An Art Nouveau style flower bud hanging. These are really popular on my art market stalls and are currently available in 7 different colours of petal with the leaves in contrasting glass. A little hook is soldered at the tops of each of the flower buds and coordinating hanging ribbons are supplied.
Stained glass musical notes a perfect gift for that musical friend! (or indeed anyone who's missing their music festivals this year!) Made in opaque jet-black glass and with a large glass glob forming the base of the note and giving the hanging a bright splash of colour.
A big bold butterfly hanging. Available with the wings in 10 different colours with the bodies in contrasting glass. 2 little hooks are soldered at the tops of the wings and coordinating hanging ribbons are supplied.
A bright and bold rainbow themed fused glass hanging. The clear background glass has been adorned with lots of random shapes of clear and opaque fusible glass and some bright splashes of dichroic glass for extra shimmer. They've been fused lightly together in the kiln for 20 minutes at 740 degrees so the layers of glass are firmly fused but there's still lots of texture and relief.
A stack of hearts in subtle variations of turquoise. 3 available at the moment : Turquoise and Blue ; Turquoise and Pink and Turquoise and Green.
Available in 8 colours of the most amazing swirly glass! The different colours are mixed together while still molten and make the most beautiful glass to use for these large heart shaped hangings.
A big bold dragonfly hanging. The upper wings are in a denser glass with lovely intense colours, some with iridised glass and the lower wings are in transparent textured or streaky glass.
A bright colourful stack of hearts in rainbow (or chakra) colours. I've chosen quite dense glass for these to really show off the intense colours. I'm happy to make them for you in other colour schemes, just ask!